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Are you looking for fun apps that foster creativity in kids?

Check out these art, music and creative-thinking apps for kids.
These apps include stories, games in an educational way.


Drag your finger around the screen. 


Touch the screen to fill the object with color.


Includes animations, music and a read-aloud feature.


Some apps include coloring games, memory games, stories, quizes, animations and videos.


Forms and colors 
These apps include various themes that will entertain your child with fascinating sounds and funny characters. 


Learning by playing
Playing and having fun is the best way to learn new things. These apps are educational based which help children to develop their basic skills.

Why choose these apps


Honest work


Especially designed for you and your child






These apps are especially designed for children and families. Security is our number one priority. For that reason, my applications are compatible with COPPA.
They verify the trustworthiness and quality of these apps. They do not comprise any advertisements and comply with „Family Design“ standards.


It is amazing how children can learn and play with apps used on tablets or smartphones. They increase the child's sense of touch considerably.  


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Which app did you like the most?
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Educational apps for children

Educational apps for kids

Thoughts on these apps

Children learn best when they do things they like. A good app should teach something to a child, but it does not necessarily have to be "educational" in a boring way. The new technologies offer a variety of possibilities that make the learning process interesting and entertaining for kids. Education and technology go hand in hand. The importance of parents and educators in guiding children is essential. I suggest parents who share and play with their children, to help them with ideas or additional information.

Sharing with family, siblings or friends is even more fun and encourages communication and sharing skills. It is also important to indicate that  older people can benefit from participating in this adventure, as it exercises memory and helps keeping the mind young and trained, giving a wonderful and unique time to share with their grandchildren by giving them their wisdom and love. The important thing is to create rich interactive experiences, full of emotions and joy. My apps are made with lovely details and animations, colors and selected sounds. The original hand-painted characters are unique, which will make the stories and games even more attractive for children.

Download the App

Download the games using the links to Google Play and Amazon. 


It is not about supplanting the book, it is simply a new technology.

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There will be other apps for your children to enjoy soon!
My apps use technology to engage children in playing in innovative ways.  

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